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Lets have some fun m4w waiting to have some fun with a sexy women. It's really warm out and my friend and his girlfriend and I are planning to mix drinks at the apartment and later go out to a bar or club.

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I mainly see him at weekends and notice pretty early on that my vagina has a strong fishy smell. The weird thing is, it gets a lot better during the week and is almost clear by the following Friday.

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Apart from being embarrassing, this is also not helping my general issues with my vagina. Could it be him?

What do you think? Studying to be a doctor was never on the cards for me. Or the implacable drive to succeed.

But I do feel it was an opportunity missed. Not only do I have a monster tolerance for real-life gore, I will always get amongst it with relish.

Just ask my kids. So, although I am not a doctorI have pre-loaded with three decades worth of hack diagnoses. We all have our own, individual musk and despite the efforts of global pharmaceutical and Just sex hit me up companies, we should never try to disguise the smell with douches or talc as this messes with our delicate pH balance.

The pH scale runs from 0 to 14, with a pH of less than 7 considered to be acidic, and of more than 7 to be alkaline.

Dex on your age or life stage, the normal pH level of your vagina is between 3. There are kits you can buy like this one to test your pH level at home.

This will at least determine if your levels are off, which I Just sex hit me up they are. So the change in smell is significant and suggests you may have a mild infection. One of the most common vaginal complaints is Bacterial Vaginosis pu BV, typically identifiable by its fishy scent and a light grey discharge, among other symptoms.

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Doctors have yet to establish what causes BV Just sex hit me up it strikes both sexually active and inactive women but it can be triggered by a new sexual partner, especially if he is not wearing a condom.

Funnily enough, while u; vaginas are acidic, semen is alkaline. Using soap or shower gel on your labia or inside your vagina is also a big No-No.

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Use warm water only and ideally shower a maximum of once per day. There are over-the-counter pessaries you can purchase for BV but I would strongly suggest you consult with your pharmacist to establish your symptoms and nail a proper diagnosis.

If it is BV, doctors will often prescribe antibiotics to clear the infection. This little gallery Just sex hit me up The Labia Libraryis a good reference point for different labial shapes and sizes, though it is admittedly narrow with just twenty images. I say this because how partners relate to your sez has a huge influence on how you perceive it.

There is no normal!

The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence. Rhona McAuliffe might not be a trained therapist but she does have very big ears, quite a long nose and a gaping heart.

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