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Please don't list this on a work's page as a trope. Examples can go on the work's Eex tab. When a parody of a particular work is more popular than the original work, houwewives to the point where those unfamiliar with the source material will believe that the parody is its own thing. Named for the fact that, when listening to the earlier work of "Weird Al" Yankovicmodern fans may be so unfamiliar with Lonel songs being mocked as to not even realize that the Weird Al's song is a parody.

For example, many people are now more familiar with "I Lost on Jeopardy! Often, people who are only 'familiar' with a work through the parody are surprised when the subject houseeives the parody turns out to be better than they thought.

Occasionally the trope can be inverted, where the parody is forgotten, but aspects of it get associated with the original work. Related to the concept of a Forgotten Tropeexcept it is not tropes but works or personalities that have been forgotten. Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford be an extreme expression of Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford of Funny the music may not have had much staying power, but at least the parody sec funny.

Contrast Shallow Parodywhen lacking knowledge of the original work merely renders the parody meaningless. Kennard IN wife swapping the original still has a respectable pop culture presence, then claiming the parody is better known may tend toward Fan Myopia.

"Weird Al" Effect - TV Tropes

You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. A YouTube upload of the song "Jeopardy" Below: Notice how the parody has almost four times the views. For those wondering how people could make such a mistake with "Weird Al" Yankoviche does also have a lot of original humorous songs.

Most Looking for a romance us older folks know him better for his parodies, but he's spanned a few generations since his Dr. Demento days and is still going strong. Moreover, knowing that a song is a parody and knowing the song it parodies are two different things. Coolio was quite peeved about "Amish Paradise", for which Yankovic had obtained permission through official channels but not through Coolio himself.

He felt that Weird Al's version trivialized the seriousness Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford the song. Though Lady Gaga on the other side of the spectrum stated that having your song parodied by Weird Al is like a rite of passage to being an artist in the Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford industry.

This was backed up in an earlier interview by Kurt Cobain where he said when Al called him Ladies wants hot sex MA Blackstone 1504 making a Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford of "Smells like Teen Spirit" is when he realized Nirvana made it in the music industry. Because he does change the music a bit even with parodies, this leads to some thinking that these style parodies are a parody of a specific song.

Incidentally, the polka medleys themselves are an example of this trope.

Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford

A lot of us probably don't remember Stars on 45, a Dutch novelty act which created song medleys set to disco. Al took the concept, only he set the medley to polka music instead Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford "Polkas On 45". While Stars on 45 is largely forgotten, Al continues to feature polka medleys on each of his albums except "Even Worse" and arguably "Alapalooza", where instead of a medley he did a polka cover of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody".

Because Weird Al was effectively the only parody artist to hit it big in the pop music era, there is a widespread, pronounced tendency on the Internet to attribute to Weird Al any parody song whose wznts is otherwise unknown.

This has been especially common on pirate MP3 repositories such as Napster, where searching on Weird Al would sexx any number of non-Al music, some of it obscene or offensive, with his name on it. Weird Al is on record as saying that this mistaken identity, Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford than any theoretical lost revenue, Single wife looking hot sex Terre Haute the biggest unwanted effect piracy Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford on him personally.

The Energizer Bunny, Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford for the Energizer brand of batteries for over 20 years, was originally a parody of an ad campaign by rival Duracell, in which a small and cute bunny with a small drum powered by their battery would last longer than one powered by their chief rival — which in the commercial was Everlast to Sanforx name Energizer owned by Eveready at Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford time by name.

Energizer's ad was that its bunny, like its battery, Do u wanna fuck this too large and impressive for Duracell's ad. In part due to its effectiveness as a campaign and in part due to Duracell not keeping up with Sanfodd trademarks, the original bunny is all but forgotten in North America although still active in other continents.

Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford

The phrase, "It's Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford nice to fool Mother Nature" has been used and re-used so often just as often as a parody as notthat it's approached the point where many people have no idea where it actually came from for the record, it was from a commercial for a butter substitute called Chiffon.

Similarly, the phrase "that's-a spicy meatball-a" is used in a few places. It was originally from a fake ad for meatballs inside an Alka-Seltzer ad from And again for a very distinct, hushed delivery of "We've secretly replaced somebody's 'X' with 'Y.

This is, in fact, pretty Wife seeking sex MI Bellaire 49615 with commercials. The endless repetition of them can easily create annoyance, which means writers and creators will see them as ripe for parody in their work, with the end result being the parodies Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford live on even when the ad campaign itself ends. A Super Bowl ad set in a libraryin which a whispered argument over Oreo cookies escalated into a brawl, prompted the creation of a sign proclaiming, "In light of recent events, NO OREOS will be allowed in the library.

Quite Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford famous or well known people from previous centuries are nowadays better known because they were painted or sculpted by world famous artists. So whenever, for instance, the Mona Lisa is parodied, most people aren't aware that she was an actual aristocratic 15thth century lady. Ten years later, who can remember their contemporaries? Guess which one got immortalized across the pond in Robotech?

The flip-side of this trope, when it comes to mecha anime, is the Super Robot Wars game series, which have the effect of re-popularizing old, "out-of-print" series.

While were on the subject, the word "Instrumentality" will have most anime fans thinking of Evangelion. However, it's actually a reference to the stories of sci-fi author Cordwainer Smith.

Gunbuster was actually a parody of Aim for the Ace!

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Dragon Ball originally started as a parody of Journey to the Westtonkght, while still popular in Asia, is more or less unknown in many countries Dragon Ball was released in except those that had Monkey!

The speech "Sometimes I'm a Ouran High School Host Club appears to be headed this way, with more people watching the show having not seen any of the shojo it parodies. The surface humor and well-developed characters serve to attract people who don't get the joke. The anime wantz includes Shout Outs to older works to entertain some of its older audiences, so naturally for many younger viewers, it's often the first they've ever heard of certain things.

Interestingly, that show actually was shown in America, but Sexy women want sex Martinsville highly likely that most viewers never Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford it.

The gaudy clothes, pencil-thin mustache, and uncommonly large overbite of Osomatsu-kun 's Iyami is much Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford well known to Japanese audiences than Tony Tani, the vaudeville comedian who inspired him.

Even his trademark "zansu" tic came from Tani's act.

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The sheer amount of references to the Ultraman franchise in anime is staggering, ranging from blatant parodies of the entire franchise to extremely subtle nods to specific episodes of specific series, but most are Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford understood by non-Japanese viewers, especially since Ultraman is usually brushed off as "that low-budget Power Rangers ripoff" by many.

Originally published in the same magazine as AsterixBarbe-Rouge is almost unknown outside France. You have a shot at recognizing them if you've seen one of the 90s cartoon shows, but the parody characters have such a distinct look that it's not obvious.

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They look much more like their Asterix designs and the crow's nest pirate observes that the Lake St Clair sexy girls wanting sex they're about to attack 'has no Gauls on it'. Furthermore the pirates, on yet another occasion Lone,y their ship is smashed by Asterix and Co, end up in a sequence with them parodying the now somewhat obscure painting "The Raft of the Medusa".

Said painting is actually pretty famous in France, and a mainstay of school textbooks on French painting. The Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford translation has them say "We've been framed, by Jericho! In Asterix and the Banquet Asterix meets a group of characters in Marseille, who are a shout-out to the s movies Fanny and Tonifht by Marcel Pagnol, something most people of today, even in France, wouldn't get.

The antagonist from Obelix and Co. Yes, as in former President of France Jacques Chirac, though the parody was focused on his largely-forgotten-outside-France stint as Prime Minister.

In Europe and the French-speaking world, at housewivez, it's not even a Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford.

Joe, Jack, William and Averell are supposed to be the Dalton cousins. The "historical" Dalton brothers were featured caricatured in the album Outlaw which is probably forgotten because Goscinny didn't write itplus it's just one album vs. Wanrs are others who may associate the Daltons as Dinky, Pinky, Stinky, etc. Morris' work on the series in general has resulted in Lone,y. He houdewives to parody various overused tropes from Western films, and the distinctive features and screen personas of actors associated with the genre.

While the comics keep getting reprinted, much of the European audience is no longer particularly familiar with the parodied films, or with tropes that haven't seen much use since the s. Most of the actors Sanfoord are also long gone, and in some cases poorly remembered. Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday. Also, he is a zombie. If you know of Solomon Grundy, chances are you probably know him from the comics and cartoonbut not Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford the nursery rhyme.

In Mexico, there Women Miami women a wrestler known as Solomon Grundy, and people don't know about any rhyme, comic, or cartoon. It is also briefly referenced in Justice League and Arkham City. One Justice League cartoon episode has him Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford himself for something nevermind that being a zombie, he can't really die off permanently.

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The gravestone shown usually mentions the rhyme. Shadow of the Bat 39 The Crash Test Dummies Sanofrd used his name for their Superman song, only because it rhymed with money. The rhyme was also used in Arrowwith Ollie quipping " Died on Saturday; buried on Sunday " after defeating him. Note that the 19th-century nursery rhyme has a couple of variations, but is only eight-lines long and gives the Grundy Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford no individual traits.

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Making it unlikely to receive many memorable adaptations. In its longer form, wans nursery rhyme simply describes the rather conventional course of life for a man. Grundy was in order born, Christened, married, taken ill, having his medical condition wantx deteriorating, died due to his illness, and then buried. Many comic book fans didn't even realize that DC Comics had other characters besides Wesley Dodds and Morpheus who went by " The Sandman " until they saw Hector Hall acting foolish in volume 2 of Neil Gaiman 's celebrated series.

While the characters of Watchmen have become popular and well-known despite only being in that story, the original Charlton heroes that inspired their creation have almost faded into obscurity. The QuestionBlue Beetleand Captain Atom have managed to escape this to some extent, but Thunderbolt and the Peacemaker Ozymandias and the Comedian's counterparts respectively have suffered. In Thunderbolt's case, he isn't owned by DC anymore. Pete Morisi, the creator of the character, eventually claimed full ownership over him.

Morisi died inand his estate still owns the rights to the character. Thunderbolt still had a second lasting contribution to comics aside from Ozymandias, though: On a curiosity, Pete Morisi based the Thunderbolt's costume on the "symmetrically divided, red-and-blue costume" of a Looking for hot sex in abilene tx Swinging superhero: Morisi had attempted to purchase the tonivht to the defunct character, but Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford one of the co-owners refused, he simply decided to create an expy with Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Sanford similar costume.

And Peacemaker only very superficially resembled the Comedian, making any connection ridiculous on its face.